White Original Candle Warmer


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The Original Candle Warmer from MugnifiScent.com

MugnifiScent.com is excited to launch the Original Candle Warmer. Building on the classic candle warmer, this new addition to our portfolio will change how you enjoy your favorite aromatic candles. Avoid flames, soot, and pollutants with a safer, cleaner, and more fragrant candle experience.

Reimagine Fragrance

The Original Candle Warmer reinvents a classic. Melting scented candles from the bottom up allows the fragrance to slowly spread throughout your home with this unique technology. For candle lovers seeking a safer and more efficient method to enjoy candles, it’s revolutionary.

Always prioritize safety

Safety is one of the Original Candle Warmer biggest benefits. No more worries about open flames, soot, or pollutants affecting household air quality. This electric warmer protects you and your surroundings. Homeowners with children, or pets, or who value peace of mind will love it.

Ideal for Many Candles

The Original Candle Warmer can be customized for candles. For optimum results, use 4-12 ounce jar candles. Your candle will sit firmly and warm evenly on the 3.93-inch warming plate. You can choose larger candles. Specialty & Signature LUXE Candles from MugnifiScent.com melt from the bottom up. Our collection matches your candle collection perfectly.

Thoughtful Home Design

The Original Candle Warmer is both utilitarian and decorative. At 5.2 inches in diameter and 1 inch tall, it fits well in your living room. Your favorite candles fit on the 3.9-inch warming plate. On a tabletop, shelf, or mantel, it lends beauty to any decor.

User-friendly Operation

We know candles are best enjoyed conveniently. The White Original Candle Warmers are quite simple. Plug it into a compatible outlet and you’re ready to use this electric warmer. The dial switch makes on/off control easy, and the 3-foot wire lets you place your warmer anywhere. We created it for your comfort, thus no complicated settings or instructions.

Technical Specifications

For home electrical compatibility, the white Original Candle Warmers have a two-prong US Outlet connection. It runs on 120V, and 60Hz and uses 17W, making it an energy-efficient household addition. You may enjoy your candles’ scent without wasting energy.

Original Candle Warmer – All Occasion Gifts

The Original Candle Warmers is a wonderful gift for yourself and your loved ones. This warmer will be a favorite for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just to say thanks. Give loved ones safety, elegance, and a better candle experience.

Join the Candle Revolution

MugnifiScent.com’s White Original Candle Warmers revolutionize candle enjoyment. We believe everyone should enjoy the calming ambiance of scented candles without open flames or pollutants. This warmer shows our dedication to offering high-quality items that improve consumers’ lives.

Original Candle Warmer – Place Your Order Today

Ready to up your candle game with the White Original Candle Warmers? MugnifiScent.com offers the future of candle enjoyment—order today. Time to enjoy your favorite candles’ enticing scents without the downsides. Discover a world where safety, elegance, and convenience work perfectly. Order your Original Candle Warmer now to join the candle revolution!

  • Improving upon the original candle warmers that started it all, the new Original Candle Warmer melts scented candles from the bottom up, releasing the candle’s fragrance.
  • Safely warm candles without the risk of flame, soot, or other pollutants.
  • Recommended to use with 4-12 oz jar candles. Warming Plate Diameter: 3.93″ For larger candles, we recommend using one of our Specialty or Signature LUXE candles that melt from the bottom up.
  • Overall Dimensions: 5.2″ Dia 1″ Tall. The plate is 3.9″ in Dia.
  • The plug-in electric warmer has a 3 ft cord with a dial switch for easy on/off. Two-prong US Outlet compatible plug. 120V, 60Hz, 17W


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